Renting apartments in Zadar was never easier

Discover how much profit your apartment
or holiday house can bring you

We can make your life more beautiful, more pleasant.

We manage the reservations, we take care that your holiday house or apartment is always clean and ready for the arrival of guests, so you have all your free time left.

My house Tell us more about your accommodation
Attract new guests Make additional reservations,
advertise on numerous web pages
Treat yourself You want more?
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How can Rentergo help?

Marketing We create a professional ad of your facility and place it on top advertisers of tourist accommodation

Smart pricing We optimize the prices to ensure the maximum possible profits for you

Reservations Quickly, responsibly and efficiently manage your accommodation inquiries

Cleaning and disinfection Together with our partners, we will ensure a comfortable stay in your apartment

Guest support Let your guests be impressed with the professional support provided

Billing You have nothing left but checking your account with a new payment!

Why Rentergo?

  • For us, the quality of service is ahead of everything
  • Our services are adjusted to the specific requirements of each user, because we are all different
  • Belonging to the Zadar Center Apartments brand group will ensure better capacity occupancy

What services are we offering?

  • Assistance in obtaining the lease permit and the tax number of the lessee
  • Consultations on current legislation relating to the rental of real estate in Croatia
  • A complete first-class rental apartments, villas and holiday houses on behalf of the owner
  • Advertising of accommodation units through the rental websites
  • Free publication on our website and social networks
  • Free digital marketing (Google ads, Google business, Facebook, E-mail marketing)
  • Web application Digital Guide, free of charge for guests and apartment owners
  • Making of the high-quality photographs for your ad
  • Manage queries and reservations
  • Communication with guests, resolution of crisis situations
  • Simple sign-in and sign-out for guests
  • Guest support
  • Collection of the reservation amount
  • Cleaning and preparing the accommodation for the following guests
  • Ensuring clean and iron bedding
  • Guest registration on the e-visitor and creation of the guest book
  • Transfers from and to the airport, one-day excursions and destination information

Current offer: basic package of the Maintenance services free of charge for new users of the Rental services

RentergoApp free web application for guests and owners

The digital manual always available to your guests, information about the accommodation they reserve, the area they will stay in, additional service offers and discounts for the next stay.

Accommodation owner’s insight into the state of bookings in real time.

Discover how much profit your apartment
or holiday house can bring you