Maintenance, editing, adaptation, preparation for renting

Maintenance of real estate in Zadar and Zadar county

Your real estate is uninhabited for a short or longer period? We offer the maintenance of your property in the area of Zadar and Zadar County during your absence. With professional approach, we will adjust the service to you. And when you're not staying in it, your property is in the best hands.

Reliability And while you're miles away, you know that your real estate is in the right hands
Savings Regular or extraordinary works in your real estate are no reason for your arrival
Security Real estate inspections and regular visits guarantee good functionality and discourage unwanted persons

How can Rentergo help?

Inspection Regular inspection
Inside and outside overview of real estate
Checking the functionality of plumbing and drainage pipes
An extraordinary inspection in case of storms

Regular maintenance Verification and use of all water supply and drainage pipes
Reading of AC current and water meters
Cleaning and preparing for the arrival of the owner or guest
Minor repair and real estate works
Design and maintenance of garden
Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools

Projects Decoration and styling of interior and exterior of real estate
Assistance in selecting contractors of major construction works
Preparation of documentation for the provision of the facility for short-term lease

Administrative services Mail collection and payment of invoices by agreement
Assistance in the selection of the Agency for property Insurance
Documentation administration on behalf of the owner
Detailed report and photo documentation, delivery to the owner

Confidentiality Keeping the key and handing the key to third parties at the request of the owner
Mediation in the conclusion of contracts on behalf of the owner

Competitive prices Cooperation offer in accordance with the specific characteristics of each client
Selection between several packages guarantees the best possible price for you
Possibility of quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments

Why Rentergo?

  • Offers personalized service
  • Quickly and efficiently performs regular and extraordinary tasks
  • Simplifies ownership of real estate
  • Maximizes the savings of your time
  • Maximizes the savings of your money

Need professional property management?